Kongcrete® is a hydrophobic (insensitive to water) two-part composite backfill that expands to fill the peripheral void between a fence or sign post and the hole. Kongcrete® expands immediately after mixing and reaches 50% of full strength in approximately 3 minutes. The product completely sets in approximately 2 hours.
Kongcrete® can be used to install many different types of posts such as fence and sign posts, road and construction signs, as well as street lighting and telegraph poles.


  • EVERYTHING required for post installation is in the Kongcrete® kit.
  • No water required.
  • No more handling heavy bags of cement from hole to hole: due to its expanding nature, a 0.9kg kit of Kongcrete® is equivalent to approximately 30kg of cement.
  • Kongcrete® significantly reduces labour requirements as no additional backfilling is required.


  • High strength expanding composite: Kongcrete® compressive strength is much higher than tamped soil.
  • Adheres to wood, vinyl and metals posts better than concrete.
  • Because it is poured in liquid format into the hole, Kongcrete® penetrates the soil better than concrete, providing a superior anchoring for the post.
  • Due to its hydrophobic (insensitive to water) nature, the composite bond to a wood post reduces the risk of rotting at its most vulnerable location, 30 cm (1 ft) below the surface, by providing a barrier between the wood and the water/soil.


  • Sets posts in as little as 3 minutes: eliminates the time spent forming, pouring and curing concrete.
  • “Rain friendly”: because of its fast setting nature, Kongcrete® is rain proof in a few minutes contrary to concrete.

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